Building a custom home can be a very rewarding experience. You get complete and total control over the design of your home and the materials that go into it, so you can ensure it meets your needs perfectly. Building your own home also means you can optimize the location of your home on your lot for ideal sun, shade, airflow, and privacy. But you need the right professionals by your side to turn your dream into a reality. Here are five experts you need on your home building team.

Realtor – Before you can plan your home layout or design, you need to lock down a piece of the earth. A qualified realtor can help you with this. Just make sure you are asking the important questions, like: “How many sales have you handled in my target neighborhoods?” “What’s your fee?” “Who else will be working with me?” “Has a client ever filed a complaint against you?” Once you’ve found the perfect fit, that realtor can help you nab that perfect spot.

Home Builders – Hiring an experienced and skilled home builder like ADVA Construction/Design is essential for managing your construction project and ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Home builders, also called general contractors, are responsible for overseeing the entire construction process, from initial project budgeting to meeting final deadlines. These professionals typically hire a crew of tradespeople to construct the home and subcontractors for specialty work like plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing, and masonry.

As you evaluate builders, the National Association of Home Builders recommends finding out how long they’ve been in business, checking their reputation with local banks and suppliers, and ensuring that they have appropriate liability insurance and worker’s compensation so you won’t be liable for any construction-related accidents on your property. When you find a good builder, take some time to review and understand the home-building contract before signing.

Architects – Architects work closely with home builders to plan the design of the home and see that it is constructed according to your specifications. These professionals have a thorough knowledge of current design trends and building codes. Your architect will help you take your ideas and turn them into a functional living space that meets legal regulations and requirements, developing blueprints for the workers who will be involved in your home construction.

The first meeting with your architect is essential for determining if the two of you will be a good fit. Architects have different aesthetic preferences and areas of expertise, so it’s important to hire one that will be able to meet your needs.

Trade Contractors – As your house is built, there will be a variety of trade contractors taking part. These professionals specialize in different aspects of construction and are essential for ensuring your home is built properly. As eSub explains, the many subcontractors involved in building a home include painters, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, carpenters, and roofers.

If your home builder doesn’t have a list of trusted professionals that they call on for various tasks, you can interview people and compare quotes yourself. For example, if you need to hire a plumber, simply search for “best plumbers near me” and look over customer feedback and reviews. Always insist that any plumber you work with is licensed and insured.

Inspectors – Your home will need to be inspected during various phases of construction to ensure that it is free from any major defects. Have your foundation inspected before concrete is poured since the integrity of your foundation is vital to the safety of your entire home. Next, your home will need a framing inspection before the installation of insulation and drywall. Your inspector will take this opportunity to look for problems in load-bearing walls and window flashing. Once your house is finished, you will have to hire someone to perform a final inspection.

Building a custom home is a massive project to take on. Hiring the right professionals to help you out is essential for keeping everything running smoothly and ensuring the house is built exactly the way you want. Once you assemble your building team, you’re that much closer to the home of your dreams! Reach out to ADVA Construction/Design to learn more about the process, costs, and more. 978-533-5555

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