Building Your Dream

Only you know what’s essential as part of your perfect home. A list of features you can’t live without, things you want, and even things you’ve only dreamed of can help. Think about the kind of entertaining you do, family activities you enjoy. Do you want a lower-level walkout? A home office? Pondering these questions and collecting design ideas will help you prepare for the first planning meeting.

It’s likely you’ll see several versions of your house plans before you’re completely happy. Modifications are always part of the process — and time well spent, since they ensure that your home is everything you want it to be. We’ll reveal any timing or cost implications when you request a change so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Our custom designed software will guide you through the selection process. Selecting flooring, trim details, colors and other design features are key planning elements. You’ll receive a schedule detailing when these selections must be made in order to ensure timely delivery. Meeting these deadlines will help your project stay on schedule.

We will ask you to attend one or more site-planning sessions. These allow us to plan the site for your house, discuss landscaping issues, and review the “footprint” for your house before we begin to dig.